How To Keep Your Audience Connected To Your Message

He had a lot of energy and he was interesting.  There were even a few moments during the 7 minute speech where he had the audience laughing.  I could hear them on the video.  Honestly, it was a good speech.

But, there was one thing I noticed.  He kept pacing back and forth the entire time.  This stood out to me because I noticed how much the camera operator had to move the camera during the video.  My screen just kept moving left to right, right to left, left to right, right to…the entire time.

If the camera person kept having to do this with his camera, what was it like for the audience?  Did they get dizzy?

The man on the stage giving the speech was me.  I was watching myself give a talk to some high-school students.  A friend of mine sat in the audience with my phone, recording the talk for me.

I was shocked at the amount of movement, not because I wasn’t supposed to move.  It was just quick, abrupt and a LOT. ...

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21 Questions You Can Ask To Improve Your Speech Opening

“Good morning everybody. I’m so glad to be here with you today.”

I wanted to yell, “BOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

It was a huge conference and he was the keynote speaker. But when he came up, he started with the same, tired line. I’d heard enough. We’d been through at least 3 gazillion speakers already and I wanted to hear something a bit different. I wanted the speaker to grab my attention and engage. But, these speakers looked like they were just trying to get it over with. I wanted them to communicate with ME and only with me.

How could they have done this? There are many techniques but one of the easiest ways is to ask a question. Why? Questions naturally cause the listener to begin the mental process of formulating an answer. While I don’t recommend this question, even a simple, “How is everybody doing?” causes the listener to mentally question, “Wait a minute, how AM I doing?”

I don’t recommend the “how are...

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10 Steps To Increase Your Confidence & Mental Toughness

I’m sure you’ve seen the kid in your class or the colleague in your workplace who just seems to have it all together. When they enter a room, they do so with a certain swag and panache.

It seems like their lives are easy and if you didn’t know better, you’d swear they had a secret no one else knew. But, you know it’s not a secret because you recognize what they have…CONFIDENCE. Everybody wants it. Not everyone knows how to get it and keep it. It’s easier to acquire than we want to admit. But, most want to walk into a store where they can grab it from the shelf.

What is confidence and why do we want it? It’s easy to confuse confidence with cockiness. The cocky person is a self-promoter who is always seen. They make sure you know they exist. Some people are easily drawn to them and others are easily repelled by them. Confidence, on the other hand, isn’t always loud. It isn’t always seen but when you see it,...

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How To Create A Great Talk Or Presentation in 5 Minutes or Less

I was working with a client recently on her speaking. She mentioned how whenever she presented, she became a bit flustered because she wasn’t comfortable with how she should begin and was always conscious of what people were thinking as she spoke.

Her nerves always seemed to get the best of her. And while it was necessary for her to present regularly in her position, she couldn’t seem to get to a point where she felt like her message was getting across. She felt all over the place.

I asked her to speak on a couple of impromptu topics and came away with a different impression. She didn’t seem as soft spoken as she had claimed and her visual expression projected more confidence than she felt. But, there was definitely something missing in the structure of her talk. It was missing a direct path to her point. So, she often came off like she was rambling or making something up on the spot.

She also expressed her challenge of not always having enough time to put a talk...

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5 Foolproof Ways To Close A Speech

You’ve heard how critical it is to have an amazing opening for your speech. Yes? Good. I’m glad because if your opening is weak, you can lose your audience very quickly. I can’t tell you how many speakers go up to the stage, or the podium and proceed to bore their audience to tears even before they are out of their intro paragraph.

However, I’ve also heard the opposite…speakers who had a strong opening but had no idea how to wrap it up. I’m guilty. I’ve had speeches or even workshops where I could feel my mind tensing up as I was coming down to the end. I’d gotten the plane in the air, we had a great flight but I had NO IDEA how to land it. And landing the plane is critical. You can land the plane smoothly, or you can have an abrupt-slam-the-wheels-on-the-ground landing, the awkward, sideways landing or you can have a horrible crash and burn. I’ve had the crash and burn happen, but mostly the awkward-sideways landing. This is...

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3 Terrible Ways To Open A Speech Or Presentation

You’ve got 5 seconds…maybe 6. You need to grab their attention immediately and then hold it for some time after that. Public speaking or giving presentations at work can be some of the most terrifying moments you may ever experience. It’s weird because you’re not in any physical danger, yet your heart pounds like it’s actively attempting to escape from your chest.

This doesn’t happen at this level for everyone. Some will look very comfortable and at ease. According to Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain,

“There are two types of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.”

If you are like me and have experienced speaking or presenting more than once, the feeling usually doesn’t stay the entire time. It’s those moments before and the first few seconds in. This is the critical time of judgment. This is when your audience decides if they are interested or not. If you lose them in the beginning, can you get...

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5 Reasons Organizations Must ABSOLUTELY Get Presentation Training

It was an important roll-out.  The team had spent weeks putting together the timelines, the assets, and answering all the questions they could think of.  Now, the only thing left was presenting it to senior management.  The team chose Sarah, the person who knew the most about the proposed system, to present the idea.

There was one problem, however.  Sarah was scared out of her mind.  And when she went into the room to present, it showed.  She fumbled with her clicker and her papers.  Her sentences rambled.  The red showed clearly on her face.
When she left the room, she broke down in tears because she had blown it.

Maybe every presentation isn’t high stakes or this dramatically terrible.  But, this is a true scenario more often than most companies would admit.  Whether it’s a high stakes sales presentation, new business pitch, or laying out a new strategy, the success of the business is dependent upon influence.  This...

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2 Phrases That Eliminate Your Authority & Influence

Your words are powerful. They mean what they mean but they also mean what you may not think. OK. That was a little confusing. Do you see what I mean?

Have you ever had a conversation where you thought you said something and the listener received it very differently than you intended? The words were the same, but in the transmission process, something got added.

The good news is you can temper this with a bit of awareness. You can add clarity and confidence to your speaking by eliminating certain phrases which tend to diminish your message.

There are many examples. However, I want to focus on two.

In my opinion…how many times have you heard this added to the beginning or the end of an argument? I was in a meeting where a discussion was taking place. One of the participants had been sitting and observing for some time. Now, he felt compelled to add something to the discussion. He opened his mouth and delivered a poignant, wise and well-thought argument. But, then he paused and...

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5 Simple Ways To Deal With Nervousness When Speaking

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2019

“How do you get rid of nervousness when you speak?”, she asked after I finished my presentation.

“Do you mean me personally, or are you just asking for a general answer?”

She chuckled a little at my retort. “You personally.”

“Oh, that’s easy. I don’t. Thank you very much. Have a good evening.”

I began walking away from the lectern with a smirk, then quickly returned to even more laughter.

“Honestly, you don’t get rid of it. You refocus it.”

Public speaking is a chore for some. They marvel at those who seem to be able to do it with ease. And, it really does look easy. But, experienced public speakers have usually just mastered some tricks of the trade. However, most people aren’t experienced public speakers, and so they tend to rack up the anxiety points.

What do you do with this?

1. Change your physical pose. Tony Robbins continually mentions the idea of ramping up your physical expression to...

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