How To Create A Great Talk Or Presentation in 5 Minutes or Less

I was working with a client recently on her speaking. She mentioned how whenever she presented, she became a bit flustered because she wasn’t comfortable with how she should begin and was always conscious of what people were thinking as she spoke.

Her nerves always seemed to get the best of her. And while it was necessary for her to present regularly in her position, she couldn’t seem to get to a point where she felt like her message was getting across. She felt all over the place.

I asked her to speak on a couple of impromptu topics and came away with a different impression. She didn’t seem as soft spoken as she had claimed and her visual expression projected more confidence than she felt. But, there was definitely something missing in the structure of her talk. It was missing a direct path to her point. So, she often came off like she was rambling or making something up on the spot.

She also expressed her challenge of not always having enough time to put a talk...

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5 Foolproof Ways To Close A Speech

You’ve heard how critical it is to have an amazing opening for your speech. Yes? Good. I’m glad because if your opening is weak, you can lose your audience very quickly. I can’t tell you how many speakers go up to the stage, or the podium and proceed to bore their audience to tears even before they are out of their intro paragraph.

However, I’ve also heard the opposite…speakers who had a strong opening but had no idea how to wrap it up. I’m guilty. I’ve had speeches or even workshops where I could feel my mind tensing up as I was coming down to the end. I’d gotten the plane in the air, we had a great flight but I had NO IDEA how to land it. And landing the plane is critical. You can land the plane smoothly, or you can have an abrupt-slam-the-wheels-on-the-ground landing, the awkward, sideways landing or you can have a horrible crash and burn. I’ve had the crash and burn happen, but mostly the awkward-sideways landing. This is...

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